Progressive, open democratic governance – not Brexit closed door

With the UK government party conference, where Brexit and dangerously worrying attitudes towards immigration, foreigners and the EU were reiterated, the themes of the Enlightened City agenda are more pressing than ever. Progressive democratic governance at a variety of scales and resting on a “postsecular politics of hope” would seem less utopian than a scientific and political necessity.


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5 thoughts on “Progressive, open democratic governance – not Brexit closed door”

    1. ‘genuine social and spatial justice’ is contested. Theresa May no doubt has her own version of what this means.

  1. You are partly right Pete. All concepts, terms and notions are contested. Which means that everyone has their own version of what, say, “justice” or “the postsecular” (or whatever) means. And presumably everyone believes their own version to be just as worthy and genuine or indeed authentic as the next. Personally, I have some sympathy with this “arch-relativist” position but at the same time wonder whether the sort of justice offered by May is in any way commensurate with fair distribution of resources and life chances among all members of society and not just a privileged few. The grammar school issue unveiled this contradiction quite profoundly I feel.

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