Trump, Clinton and climate change

On the eve of the presidential election, and the day the COP22/ UN summit in Marrakech launches, Thomas Seibert and Yanis Varoufakis at the DiEM25 social movement have circulated a fervent call for US citizens to prevent a Trump presidency while also not countenancing Clinton.


Click here for more details on their message to voters.

While not mentioned by Seibert and Varoufakis, the worrying stance of Trump towards climate change alongside several other likely policy directions should be seriously taken into account. And Clinton is not that much better.

Linked in sentiment to climate change denial afflicting public opinion across large swathes of conservative America, it was revealed that Trump would implement a 100 billion USD tax break, presumably for business and the wealthy, by phasing out commitments to cutting noxious emissions over an eight year period.

So soon after the Paris agreement has been brought into force, the message from the Trump campaign regarding climate change, clean energy and sustainable development commitment could not be clearer and more devastating for committed environmentalists.

As noted in the LA Times, Clinton’s centrist incrementalism and relative silence on climate change offers a weak alternative.

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